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K-Swift Fin

K-Swift Fin

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 K-Swift Fin

This fin is my version of the boomerang fin. When using this style of fin in the past, I’ve always had problems with the fin slipping out in the best or most critical part of the wave.
For instance, bottom turns, cut backs & top turns. To eliminate the “side slip,” I’ve given my fin more base (producing drive/nose stability), reduced rake (no tracking), & a reduced center & tip (creates release/speed for maneuvers). The k-swift is a fantastic nose riding fin & great for carving maneuvers.

Aloha Kanoa D.

Fin Recommendations:
7.0’’- 2+1 Longboard 9’6’’ or Shorter, Mini Tanks & Fun Boards.
Surfer weight: 165lbs or less.

8.0’’- 2+1 Longboard 9’6’’ & up.
Surfer weight: Open.

9.5’’- 9.0’’ Longboard & up Single Fin.
Surfer weight: Open.