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OGK Pro Model Fin
OGK Pro Model Fin

OGK Pro Model Fin

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This is the Original Kanoa Fin. All my fin designs are based on the same concepts used to design this fin.

Height: Allows for great Nose Riding and Stability.

Rake: Allowing your tail to hook into the curl, minimizing tail slip. Also assisting in carving maneuvers.

Base: Giving you Drive, Stability and Control.

By either adding or reducing a bit of each feature, I've created these fins to suit different kinds of surfers for any kind of surf break and conditions. Hope you enjoy my fins!

Aloha Kanoa D.


Kanoa Size Chart

6.5" - 2 plus 1 Long Board 8' to 8'8"

7.0" - 2 plus 1 Long Board 8'9" to 9'6"

8.0" - Great for all size fun boards/mini tanks and 2 plus 1 Long Board 9'6" +

9.0" - Single Fin Long Board 9' +

10.0" - Single Fin Long Board 9'9" +